Friday, September 7, 2012

The Darker Side

I have a janitorial position cleaning a public library in the little town I went to high school in. It's a nice newer library, lotsa computers, areas for little kids, areas for teenagers to hang out in and plenty of table for studying, if kids do that now.
   This cleaning gig has shown me the darker, nastier side of life. In the public men's room someone is pissing on the floor. Every Day. This is not the splatter or trickles common to men and boys.This is a semi dried puddle of piss. Every day one or two people have explosive diarrhea. Every Day. Shit splattered on the underside of the seat, shit smeared on the ring. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Then we come to the chewers, the dippers, the lip fillers. One enterprising dipper is going into the men's room and raising the lid of the trash can, pulling the liner aside and spitting in the can itself. Reeks horribly. That leaves the individuals that leave a "loaf" in the commode. Evidently they have a really good book to get to and can't remember to flush their leavings away. I have been amazed at the lack manners and hygiene displayed in this library.That brings us to this evenings trick. In the ladies room someone had pumped a little soap on the floor. The soap had spread out and dried, becoming mostly invisible. That is until my mop hit the soap and then it exploded in to suds that took forever to get cleaned up. Then I had to go to the janitors closet and wash the mop out, wash the bucket out and make a new batch of floor cleaner. And I'm the lucky one to deal with it all. At least I have a job. Finally.


Walter Zoomie said...

Oh boy, do I hear you, brother. The piggishness of people in public facilities boggles my mind.

I often wonder if that is how they act at home and how they treat their own property.

I don't understand treating the two differently.

I really don't.

Must be a mental problem...mine or theirs...

Dean Carder said...

It's theirs. They have to make a mental decision to do these things. I would find it hard to believe they do these things at home. I have seen some nasty homes but even there they didn't piss on the floor.