Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another 200 Million

The Department Of Homeland Security is at it again. They are soliciting bids for another 200 million rounds of ammo. I suppose this is all for training too. You an I know what it's for. It's for war on the American people. Various government agencies have made it known that we are not meant to be free. There has been a leak from DHS claiming there will be a false flag operation if Obama looses the election. This false flag event will paint right wing, white, conservative gun owners and talk show hosts as the culprits. This action will precipitate martial law and an end to elections. And an end to the United States of America as founded by our forefathers. I tell ya folks, stock up. Stock up on everything.  


Craig said...

I've been stocking up. Our only hope is that the NYPD has been running the DHS ranges. Close your eyes, squeeze the trigger until you hear silence is one way to go through a quarter of a billion rounds rather quickly.

Dean Carder said...

Yep the New York way squeeze and pray and spray!