Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Couple More

Well, a couple more rifles have made it to gun rack at work. The first is a pre-warning Ruger 10/22. It's got the nice walnut Ruger used to put on them. Remember those days? And the second is an 1894 Marlin lever action in 44-40 caliber. This  one has had the metal refinished and we cannot tell if it is nickle plated or is just polished out to a high shine. Either way it's a good looking firearm. In the pistol case we have a nickle plated, High Standard H-B 22 auto loading pistol. It needs a recoil spring unfortunately. It has some markings on the nickle and is in my opinion about 70 percent. The coming days will let me see if any more of these classics will make it to our shelves or stay in storage until the auction.


Anonymous said...

try a little cold blue in a hidden area of that Marlin. That'll tell you if it is bare steel or has been plated

Dean Carder said...

Yeah, I had thought of that but I have to get the owners permission before that move.. thanks for the suggestion!