Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four More Years of a Decent to Socialism

My heart weeps, my soul is dark, my spirit is enraged, my mind is reeling. Four more years of shoddy statesmanship by an illegal alien, a Manchurian candidate, a total unknown who has hidden his entire background at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whose dollars, we don't know. A stake has been driven through heart of the Republic.
This impostor has four more years to complete his systematic destruction of the United States and surrender us to the islamists and the socialists. We are well and truly fucked.
At least he can't blame Bush now, or will he? It is incomprehensible to me that this jack ass has been re-elected but then when most of the country depends on a government check, food stamps, disability or paycheck, the vote has been bought. 


Anonymous said...

Dean, you are right on the money with your last sentence. .Democrats/Socialists have won the country with their , steady, unwavering, focused commitment to building govt dependent constituency groups. Some bemoan the intellect ( or lack thereof ) of voters, but I'm convinced we conservative, right thinking conjstitutionalists have just been outsmarted by the brilliantly focused and comitted Democrats iwho have stuckbnto FDRs game plan and ramped it up from 60's forward. We are outnumbered and therefore PERMANANTLY BEATEN. America has been forfeited and we shall go the way of Greece, Italy, every other Socialist nation. We had a great start, but a brief run. Its just too easy for humans to become takers. Peace and prosperity, presently rare commodities, shall become extinct. Best wishes my friend.... wishes are all we have now, as effort and prosperity shall be taxed into oblivion and vanish.

Dean Carder said...

Right on anonymous!