Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just A Little Secish

I have been reading all the stories about States that have submitted petitions to the white house website, calling for secession. 23 States in all. Texas, has far surpassed the 25,000 requires signature, but, hey, we figured that right? I mean it IS Texas. But, Louisiana is edging ever closer to that number. My own State, Missouri needs another 11K or so. Some States have only had  a few hundred signers do their thing.

   Now don't get me wrong, these petitions have a shorter life span that that snowball in Hades. I mean the President has to sign off on them. Do you think that Obummer is gonna do that? What President would? What kind if signal does that send? One of strength and political skill? I think not.
Does signing these petitions make one feel better? Most likely. Does it show the level of discontent in this country? It sure does.
Now a lot of folks have been flapping their jaws about wanting to do something, anything about their disappointment in the government. Well here's your chance to do something. Symbolic yeah, but if ya wanna walk the walk ya gotta talk the talk. Would you preferred armed insurrection over a peaceful withdrawal? Politely asking is far superior than outright demanding at the point of a gun. So, to make it easy for you:

Create an account at the white house website

The find your States petition by clicking on Open Petitions
Scroll to your States petition, click on Find Out More, then click on Sign Petition.

Are you worried about creating an account with the white house website? If you have a federal license of any kind you are on a list, if you have a firearms or political blog, most likely you're on a list. If you have searched certain terms on Google you may be on a list. It goes on and on. So put your fears aside, buck up and sign the petition.

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