Saturday, November 17, 2012

Food Picture

Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In has posted some nice looking pictures of food lately and has asked others to follow suit. I didn't make these today, but several days ago. I do love my biscuits. Tall, tender and tasty. Good by themselves, or covered in sausage gravy or honey or jelly or butter or filled with a slab of sausage or bacon and a fried egg. Mmmmm. A good biscuit cain't be beat.


Stephen said...

Biscuits are the perfect people a child I loved it when my mother would place two nice slices of bacon in a couple of biscuits and send them in my lunch bag for school. Lord, I miss her biscuits. Nice job, Bubba.

Dean Carder said...

I get a lotta comments on my biscuits. Thanks!