Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day and Other Stuff

I got up this morning brushed my teeth, scraped my face and took a shower. Got dressed in a hurry and went to the polling place. When I arrived parking was pretty slim. I parked on the grass at the entrance to the lot. When I came out it was a steady stream of cars entering and not many parking places left. This polling place is one of the larger churches in town and accordingly has a pretty good size parking lot. Packed. Lined up along the driveway.
I got my form, blacked in all the ovals next to Libertarians and in the absence of a Libertarian the Republican oval got filled in. There, I may have committed a misdemeanor. It is illegal in Missourah and other states to "show" how you voted. So, those emails and tweets with pics of the completed ballot are illegal. Writing about it? I don't know. I met a few folks in line who were voting for the first time in their lives. What's that say about this election?

After voting I went to get a couple gallons of Kangen water and ended up watching the shop while she went to vote.
When our friend the shop owner got back I showed her a text message I get from Price Chopper. They do a weekly text with a loss leader as the bait. Today it was a 4 pound bag of sugar for one dollar. She said oh so smugly, 'I don't use sugar" Well good for you. Is she going to start turning down all those cakes, pies and cookies we bring to her? When I got my sugar the store also had a special on left over halloween cookies, 2 large trays for 2.79. What a deal on whole bunch of sweet stuff.
Hey, I also squeezed in a trip to the library and a hair cut. The hair cut, hmmm, When I go to a salon, the girls and women that cut my hair end up taking a loooonng time to do it and I never get the cut I asked for. But, I have had women cut my hair for nearly 35 years and to  have a man cut it now seems well, it seems just a little queer. Yeah that kind of queer. Today I had a cute little tooth pick of a girl cut my hair. While her little girl watched. I also notice no wedding ring on her hand. There are so many young women in this town that have children an no husband or father figure for the kids. Is this a deficiency of the young men in this town or a decision on the part of the girls. Or is this a nation wide situation? Either way it's sad.

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