Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just A Little Bite

I bit the bullet today and put a Remington pump 22 on lay-a-way. I could not stand looking at the disgraceful "artwork" that had been carved into the side of the receiver any longer. Evidently at some point in the past one of the previous owners had transferred this gun to another individual and to commemorate the deal had taken a nail or knife or his devilish claw and scratched ...'Blankety blank asswipe to moronic person" in the side of the receiver. Such a disgusting act could not be tolerated in my eye any longer. Once I have this gem home, I will file the offending crap off the side and then do my usual work to it and hopefully it will look all better.

It is  572 Fieldmaster much like this one...

Only this one isn't boogered up by a dickhead. In reality, the one I'm getting has decent wood and has the usual faded blue on the barrel from light surface rust. I plan on leaving the wood as is and redoing the receiver as well as rubbing some Oxpho Blue on the barrel and magazine tube just to darken them.

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