Friday, November 30, 2012

Just A Little Hurt

This morning I was in the basement working on a gun and lost track of time. I ended up running out the door without taking or bringing and of my several meds. After a long day of of no pain killers I realize how screwed up I am. Neck, back, hips, both knees, one shoulder, all screaming out for attention. Damn, I don't recall treating my self that bad. Well, yeah I do. I was always rough and hard on myself. Even broke down as I am I still tend to push it to hard and end up screwed up for several days. As I type this my hands are shaking from the pain. Damn it all to hell! But ya know what? I wouldn't have done anything different. The only good thing about today is that  this, my friends, is the last day of the job that is completing the destruction of my body. Yes the janitorial job is over, done.Yeah I know what you're thinking. Janitorial? Yes, I'm so broken down that a freaking janitors job is killing my knees and back. So I'm taking the pay cut and dropping tht one. I am getting more hours at the pawn shop though. Still, it's been a long painful day.


Walter Zoomie said...

It's all good, brother.
It's honest pain due to honest work, and there is much honor in that.

This nation could use more folks like you.

Dean Carder said...

thanks Zoomie! Yes I have worked my tail off since I was a young man. Oilfields, construction industry and carpentry. Plus my personal activities,