Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Long Gone Dude

A while back Cherry and I acquired a 9 month old black and white border collie. He has grown to be a spirited, intelligent, and well, a rather athletic dog. He really kept our German Shepherd on his toes. The little guy developed a nasty habit of jumping the fence and going for a romp around town. We tried a cable, deterrence sprays, and in the last couple of days an electrified wire on the fence. The electric fence just taught him to jump higher. So, after several calls from the animal control freaks, we had to get rid of the little guy. My brother in law and his wife took him in. They are partial to dogs and seem to always have a new rescued dog around the mansion. The little guy is long gone now. So long little guy.

We dropped the dog off when we went to the monthly family dinner of Cherry's family. We had a nice beef and vegetable soup with crescent rolls. Dessert was walnut brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Mmmmmm!

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