Saturday, November 17, 2012

What I Saw Today

This morning dawned cool and bright with a hazy sky. I ran to McD's to get Cherry Pie a breakfast sammie. She's feeling poorly and that's what she wanted, so....
   Any way I finally left for work at the pawn shop and the first thing I saw was a moronic driver but I won't get into that. Then I got to looking at the sky during my drive. The haze I was seeing was not clouds but a multitude of chemtrails. The entire sky was covered in a haze of new trails, old broad trails and nearly indistinguishable trails but they were all identifiable as chemtrails, dozens and dozens of them. Who knows what rained down on our heads today.
  After I got to work and exited my truck, I heard a car moving at a rapid pace, on the highway next to the building. I turned and saw a new camaro really bustin' a move on 435 South. He had to be doing 120 by the look of his passes. It seem as he got further away his exhaust note changed. Then I realized it WAS a different exhaust note. I started looking and on 435 North saw a late 70's or early 80's blown corvette hustling up the road. What a sight! What a sound!
   Business at the pawn shop started off brisk. And stayed that way all day. The next thing I saw was another item I desire.  I really need blinders at this place. A High Standard Derringer in 22 LR in stainless steel with a custom made back pocket holster. It is around 95 percent. It looks similar to this:

Only better. I really want this one. Hopefully this'n 'll hang out awhile, waiting on me. I hear it calling my name now.

   The next thing I saw was a ...tweaker. She wanted to pawn an electronic game to help pay for a new phone as the "only thing in life she cares about" got broken this morning. Man, she was in full tweak. Scratching, shaking, hugging herself, crying, indecisive. She had to frequently ask for assistance from the man accompanying her. Pitiful.
   The last interesting thing I saw this evening was something we don't see a lot of around here. A black man in full hunting camo. Complete with "leafy" pants. He looked happy as could be. I really envied him for what ever it was he he had been doing on this beautiful November day.
 Well that's all I saw today. Some were cool, some were terrible. It was just another day in the life of a Midwest Rebel. I do have a small local fun show to attend tommorrow. Yay for me!


blayloc said...

You mean contrails? A jet engine produces carbon dioxide and water vapor just like every other combustion reaction. When this water vapor hits the cold atmosphere at those altitudes it condenses into solid water droplets, a condensation trail, or contrail.

Dean Carder said...

WE no longer have contrails. Chemical analysis of the long lasting plumes in the air have shown extreme levels of drugs, blood and many chemicals.