Thursday, November 22, 2012

After Action Report Or Dinner Aftermath

Whew! This afternoon I told my nephew I was going to eat until I was uncomfortable. And I did. Wow. I am stuffed to the gills but the home made cranberry sauce I made turned out great! Thanks to Stephen and one of his commenters for that. The final nail in this gastronomical coffin was the extra piece of fruit cocktail cake. The ham, turkey, riced cheesy potatoes, the noodles, the, the, all added to the queasy toll.

 Later this evening I was feeling much better. So...I made a little sandwich of a wheat roll loaded with some ham. Wrong. Stuffed again.
But tomorrow I can have a turkey,stuffing and mayo sandwich. The best part of the Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers.

Y' all have a wonderful evening and a magnificent Black Friday. Me? I'll be working. Gotta pay off those treasures in layaway! Pics to come, I promise!


Stephen said...

I'll be at work too. Someone needs to keep those taxes flowing to the government for all those needy democrats. Glad you enjoyed the cranberry sauce.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks! it was my first time making the stuff my mother who doesn't like cranberry sauce told me it was the best she had ever tasted.I thought it was pretty good too.