Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Good?

It is incomprehensible to me that this nation elected this moron again. I cannot think of a single good thing he has done for this country. Labor Unions, shame on you. Hispanic voters, shame on you, black voters, shame on you. Can anyone name one good thing Barry has done for this country? Can you name several things he has done TO this country? Off the top of my head...

Fast and Furious
Hurricane Sandy reaction or lack of
Persecution of Big Business and Coal Energy
Denial of the Keystone Pipeline
Using Czar's to bypass Congress
Stimulus Bill (election support payback)
Refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers
Sued Arizona over it's immigration bill that supported US law
Named socialist/communists/progressives to staff
Shut down the oil industry in the Gulf
His Sec State signed onto UN small arms treaty
His green energy failures
Did the infamous apology tour
He has no diplomacy when dealing with other nations
Has distanced our only ally in the Middle East
Spent millions on White House concerts and parties, vacations and date nights
Wanted service men and women to provide own insurance
His lies to conceal his true identity

I'm sure the list goes on and on.
And the voters of this Nation elected him again?


Flier389 said...

We can't fix stupid. So, we will move on. And do what we can to get him out. Impeachment sounds good for starters.

Dean Carder said...

With his ability to get ALL court cases against him set aside do we think the congress would impeach him. No matter what they say they are all alike and have the same goal. And that is to stay in power.