Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Allure Of Check Cashing

This morning, the morning of my midweek day off, I went to cash one of my last checks from my night time cleaning gig. I use a place called Check Into Cash. They are helpful and convenient too. Recently the local branch hired a young woman to run the store.  This young lass is a beauty. Petite, right around 5 feet tall with a mass of dark brown hair hair spilling down past her shoulders. Her pale skin contrasts nicely with her hair color. Warm brown eyes set of her attractive face. She is slim but possesses a nice backside and great legs too. Today, a warm November day, she chose to wear a white muslin dress, an off one shoulder affair that ended above her knees. She is quiet but responds to compliments with a quick smile and a flash of pearly white teeth. Sadly, I only have very few more upcoming trips to this business as I have quit my night job and only have one or two checks to cash there. Oh, well. Life goes on.


Anonymous said...


You got any pics?

Dean Carder said...

perv? Me? I'm just a man that still apreciates a good looking woman. And, no, no pics. Most folks around this area frown on taking their pics and then posting it. I would need a legal waiver form for the lasses to complete before I could photograph them and then use their images for my site. such is the niceties of todays litigenous world.