Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheap land, cash for clunkers, gatling guns

April in July. Globull Warming? We'll see what August brings, maybe some May flowers? I know that some areas are having massive drought now but aren't they calling it GLOBAL warming? What do I know about it? I know if you have an average temperature for a month that hovers in the low 90's then if it's warmer then it should go to the mid 90's, right? Oh well.

Are you in the market for some reasonable land to move to or establish a get-a-way on? Try looking at and for some really cheap land look at The Ozark site, of course, carries land in the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks and dirtcheapdirt leads you to land in a variety of states but usually in the southwest US. Happy hunting!

Are you one of the people that had enough money or credit to get a new vehicle under the cash for clunkers program? Evidently in one week the year-long program ran out of money. That's a lot of cars! Chrysler had the best deal with a matching program to augment the gov't one. So your qualified trade in could be worth 7-9 Thousand dollars instead of 3,500 to 4,500. Qualified means licensed, insured for a year and the new one had to get 4 mpg's better gas mileage than the old one and the old one had to get less than 18mpg. One week to dry up a years program. Either it was mismanaged or a lot of folks bought cars in one week.

Today in the news an armed man went in the police station and nothing happened. The same man then entered a truck and drove to a hardware store, walked to the paint department and while waiting for paint to be mixed, entered into a conversation with a stranger were nothing happened. The armed man then drove home without incident.

Man, I really want one of these! You buy the kit and supply 2 Ruger 10/22 rifles and extended magazines. Oh, and you do have to supply the grins and giggles. And the massive amounts of ammo! Man oh man the fun I could have with one of 'em!

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