Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Well, it's another cool, rainy, global warming day. To wet to work at my dad's place and to wet to set up the saw(outside) to cut crown moulding for the kitchen. So I've done a little sheet rock repair upstairs getting ready for the kids to come and spend a couple weeks with us. They both are taking leave. Sheet rock repair, painting, cleaning, trim work, mowing and more cleaning. I have this week and next to get all my honey-do's complete. Son is going to bring his bike with him so we can get in some riding together. That aught to be fun! I wish I had a sport bike to keep up with him. I had an opportunity to buy a '96 Ducati 900 Monster way cheap when I had my M/C shop. Man, was that thing fast! Cherry Pie didn't see it my way. All she saw was the potential for tickets and mayhem. Oh, have I said I like to go FAST?

I keep looking for a job but in this area I either need an engineering degree to do what I've done for years or I'm over qualified, or my wage history is to high, or I don't have the certification for the job. Blah, blah, blah. No one cares about past performance or experience or knowledge. All they want is a sheepskin.

I really like the durability of today's polymer stocked guns but I prefer a piece of wood on my long guns and prefer the aesthetics of wood grips and a pistol. One thing I do enjoy is refinishing gun stocks. I like refinishing the metal parts also, but until I have a place to do hot bluing I am stuck with the cold process. Brownells Oxpho Blue is very easy to use and gives a durable finish. I did a Winchester 69A for my Dad. The stock had been bleached at some time so I mixed up some walnut stain with a healthy dose of cherry in it and applied a couple of coats to the stock. It sure came out nice. I reblued all the metal parts using the Oxpho and they all came out very nice. When I got done with it and gave it back to Dad, he couldn't believe it was the same gun. A couple of months later he called me and was worried about keeping it in his house with all the hoodlums in his town so I bought it off him so now it's in the safe. I would start up a small refinishing business and do the new, different coatings as well as bluing and parkerizing but I am in need of a building to do it in. And I don't want to mess with the boys and girls at the BATFE just to refinish guns.

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