Monday, July 13, 2009

I've been at my dad's place working on his John Deere 2010. It has several things wrong with it and it may take a while to get it going. The worst was when I drained the oil, anti-freeze came out then oil!

The leftist media is still attacking Sarah Palin. They are obviously terrified of her. A solid, God loving conservative with strong ideals and love of family. What's to be afraid of? She is articulate, beautiful, intelligent, strong, moralistic and has more than her fair share of common sense. Oh, now I see what they're afraid of. She's everything they aren't. The real bitch is that Republicans are joining the lefties in the attack. The good news is that her PAC is raising bucks...730,000 up to this point.


Several years ago I bought a Smith and Wesson Model 36. Ostensibly for my wife I have shot it more than she has. But it's "her" pistol. The Chiefs Special was introduced at the 1950 International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chambered in 38 Special it had a 5 shot cylinder and was available with 2 and 3 inch barrel lengths and is reportedly approved for +P loads. The new gun was an improvement of the I framed Terrier. Police, military and civilians bought the new pistol in untold numbers and the buying frenzy continues to this day. In 1957 Smith and Wesson moved to the number system for their handguns so the Chiefs Special became the Model 36. These guns are attractive, light and for their size accurate. They also fit in a pocket or purse very nicely.

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