Thursday, July 9, 2009

I did it. No, you didn't.

If I say I did something that I was supposed to do and another person says no you didn't, isn't that the same as saying I'm a liar? That's my boss. He can't put the equation together. But it is a job. I have put up with more out of his mouth than I have ever tolerated from any human being. As a younger man I would have called him on it the first time and done what needed to be done. Now I have taken this treatment 3 times. Because it is a job.

Ron Pauls bill (HR1207) to audit the Federal Reserve got a Senate bill (S604) for the same thing started. When it got attached to another bill being voted on it was thrown out because it was legislating on an appropriations bill. Senator DeMint pointed out that there are several audits called for in that appropriations bill. The Senate leadership agreed and still threw it out. What senator is getting supplemental income from the Federal Reserve? The Fed is run by a bunch a private banks. Obamas to largest contributors were from Goldman Sachs. Is there a link in that?The USG wants to know every cent we make so they can tax us to their will and if they suspect we are not playing by their rules they will audit us from the inside out. Now we want to audit one of their biggest tools and they are going to prevent it. Wake up folks! WTF is going on here? They mortgage our lives and the lives of our children and grand children for generations to come for a "bailout" and the banker seems to have misplaced 15 or so billion and refuses to answer any questions about where ANY of the money went. The longer they can stall this action the longer they get to cook the books. I know of a few good trees. Who's got the rope?

All of the above is just another reason for all Americans to fight for a return to a constitutional government. Get a copy of the Constitution and make yourself familiar with what the government is allowed to do and not to do. Make sure that it is being taught in your kids schools. Make sure that your local and state officials know what their rights are and what the government is not allowed to do. 99 percent of what the government does is specifically delegated to the States. Which makes their actions illegal.

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