Monday, July 20, 2009

I have been saying that everyone needs to learn how to do something. Here's something that's pretty unique. Escape and evasion training. Learn how to pick open a set of handcuffs, work up a disguise, travel un-noticed. It sounds kinda fun even. All for about 550 bucks.

There are 37 states claiming State Sovereignty under mostly the 10th amendment but a few under the 2nd amendment and others over the upcoming socialized Obamacare. 37 states! I wonder if the USG is paying attention to all this? Only Tennessee has received any notice at all over their claim, a letter from the jackbooted thugs at the BATFE. Gooooo Staaates!

HB1388 passed the house and is on its way through the Senate as S22. This is being referred to as the forced servitude law. Among other things it restricts the 1st amendment rights of government employees, makes more Park Service grounds into gunfree zones and prevents progun politicians from voting on some subjects. The most shocking is that it provides millions to help Palestinians immigrate from Gaza! Great! Make us pay to bring in a bunch of subversives and terrorists in training. See rule 308.

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