Friday, July 24, 2009

Henry Gates, Carry Clothing and I'm On a Boat

In regards to the Henry Gates issue, I want everyone to look at this Public Service messsage.

Friday Night! On Friday nights I like to stay up late, read, watch tv, draw, think and maybe get my drank on. I used to like to watch heavy metal music videos on one of the music channels but I haven't done that for a while. Saturday will be good as the Gun Show is coming! Maybe that sweet .22 I scored last weekend will get traded off. I'm looking for an inside the pants holster for the compact 1911 as well as a decent piece of leather for the XD 45 and .45 ammo that's not priced out of sight. A Summer Special or any of the equivalent copies would work for the 1911. I am leaning toward a duty style setup for the XD. A loaded belt ready to strap on when needed or wanted. I'm getting tired of all the holster switching lately. I have only one good carry belt and I switch between jeans and shorts depending on what I'm doing and switch between 1911 and XD depending on my preference. The duty rig isn't a concealed set up but for sudden needs would work great. I do want to get a concealed setup for the XD. It came with the XD gear but I'm not overly fond of that stuff.

I have found for the hot season a pair of jean style cargo shorts paired with a t-shirt and a loose cotton shirt is great for summer carry. An aloha shirt or a casual cotton button up are at home in the restaurant, the stores or at a cook out. The cargo or dungaree style shorts offer the pockets for knives and other needs and the t-shirt is tucked in to keep the gun off your sweaty hide and the aloha or casual is worn untucked and is plenty cool for the hottest or most humid of days. No need for all that 511 type clothing unless you insist on tacticool apparel. One small note...when buying your aloha shirt keep looking for a COTTON version. The rayon and nylons "print" the gun badly. I get nearly all of my "carry" clothing from Sears and, god help me, Wal-Mart. If you need to "dress up" a little, substitute a pair of Docker or chino shorts. I have been in meetings and sat alongside the Chief of the Po Po and not even been glanced at while attired in this manner. With a little practice you can learn to flip the unbuttoned lower portion of the shirt to the side to facilitate a smooth draw.


For a little entertainment for you boaters or wannabes out there take a gander at this video. WARNING: Explicit language! but funny.

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