Sunday, July 26, 2009

diplomacy, family preparedness

When Ambassador Bolton was representing the USA we had a solid voice with a better view of the Constitution than most political appointees. He stood up to the UN and their plan to deprive us of the right to own weapons and make us like any of the third world dictatorships found today. We need ambassadors that speak softly but carry a big stick. We have a secretary of state, that has a very questionable background, going around as an extension of the Moabama apology tour.
Every Ambassador should sign a contract to never badmouth our country and they all should remember what backs diplomacy....


With the government saying it may be 5 years or more before ONE new job is created and the states going broke as well as the states suffering shortfalls in their unemployment budgets and more and more people getting layed off, maybe it's time for people, who haven't started this yet, to start stocking up on food while they have the resources to do it.
We buy beans, rice, noodles, sugar and spices in bulk at Sams Club and store it in mylar bags in 5 gallon buckets. You would be surprised at how cheap 25 or 50 pounds of beans are. You can procure food grade 5 gallon bucket from your local big box grocer and bakeries or you can order them new from several sources. Order a stock of oxygen absorbers and mylar liners to fit the buckets you have. When you have the food, liners, buckets and O2 absorbers all together do this... insert a liner into the bucket, pour 3-4 gallons of the dried food into the liner. Next, as quick as you can, toss 4-5 O2 absorbers in the liner with the food then lay a small board across the bucket and lay the top of the liner on the board nice and flat. Then take your iron set on the high setting and heat seal the top of the bag closed. We also use a shop vac to remove as much of the air as we can prior to sealing the bag. Make several trial runs to get the process down before you actually do it. All you have to do now is use a rubber hammer to seat the lid and use a Sharpie type of marker to label the bucket as to contents and packing date. There is a sublimation method using dry ice as well but we haven't tried that one yet.
As soon as I can afford a grain mill I will be storing wheat and corn as opposed to flour and meal. I figure with beans, rice, noodles, sugar, wheat, corn meal and a variety of spices and drink mixes we can live like we normally do with the exception of meat. Dehydrated meat is available so I will be making a purchase of that to augment our basic food supply. I'm not sure of the storage time of canned tuna and mackeral but aI will be checking into this. Throw in a water filter and we'll be set for floods, famine, tornadoes or even societal breakdown. Remember the fire extinguisher theory I gave a while back? In addition to the stored dry food we keep many cases of commercially canned food in the basement that we rotate into our daily cooking. We keep cases of corn, green beans, mixed veggies, potatoes, carrots and even some canned beef and soups in stock , courtesy of ALDI's. One other thing I've done is to verify that my water supply is 100 percent gravity fed. This is a really big deal if you think about it. I want to get a place in the country and put in a big garden like we had when I was a kid. Until the real estate market corrects itself and the economy gets better and I get a job that won't be happening. Can you tell me what you have done to protect your family for what may come?

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