Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Day Off

My day off. Roll out of bed early, feeling all my old sports and fights injuries pounding through my body. Watch the news until I can't tolerate all the democratic crap then stretch, get dressed and make a killer breakfast of hot sausage and egg taquitos with onions, cheese and the ubiquitous picante sauce. Mow the neighbors yard, spray her poison ivy, mow my own little piece of earth, fix the front door frame so the storm door actually fits in the frame. Made lunch of smoked chicken breast and potato salad left overs. Mess around with the 2 wedge headed shit dispensers and ponder dinner. Hot Damn! I had two beautiful ribeyes that I cut special for me and Cherry Pie. Fire up the grill, wrap a couple of spuds and toss them in. An hour later gently place the offering on the brazier, slip in my own drool. Oh damn they were good! As you can see there is not much by way of news here today as I am having a Breda moment. I can't stand to hear all the stupid shit coming out of the news channels that is being channeled in from the cesspool of Washington DC. Oh yeah, I had the water department out this morning to try and figure out why I have an intermittent loss of water pressure. They are going to vent a few of the mains and come back on Monday and check the pressure again at the meter. If that doesn't work I will get to spend an outrageous fortune replacing all the old galvanized pipes in my house with copper. I can hardly wait. At least I can go to work in the morning and get a little rest. I do have one great question though, Does the hardware store sell more, well, hardware if the teenage girl checkers all show a lotta cleavage? I got a hell of a show while I was there this morning along with the "Oh I didn't mean to let you see all that" smile. Damn I hate getting old.
speaking of old, my son will be here in the first part of August along with his lovely bride. They are driving in after she gets back to shore. She is on the Eisenhower. She is not with the ships crew but is with a squadron.
I have to say this, the Dimocrats are going to try anything they can to get the Maobama health manifesto converted into law. I don't have any full coverage health plan, I do have a major medical plan and a knee that needs replacing and I will say for the record, I do not want anything to do with this socialist health mandate they are trying to get in place. I mean if it gets into law where will all the Canadians go to get good health care?

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