Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cook, The Dick Act, Sotomayor, Obamacare

Here is an update on Major Cook, who was refusing to obey what he perceived to be an illegal deployment order. Since the Military withdrew his deployment order, the defense counsel, i.e. the government, says Cook no longer has "standing" to bring this suit forth. See how this game is played? It's just like a shell game or 3 card monte. Razzle dazzle, where's it at? Hit the moving target if you can. Are they going to do this for all of the Soldiers that have joined in this suit?
To make matter even better the Defense Department has joined in to the protect Maobama party. After the DOD contacted Major Cooks employer he has been FIRED. My goodness, who would have expected that? Gosh and golly! Backdoor attacks by a bunch of Chicago thugs?

Has anyone ever heard of the 1902 Dick Act? Neither have I. This act basically says that since the MILITIA is so vital to the interests of the good ol' US of A and firearms are vital to their role, they cannot be outlawed or banned. Way to go guys! Now, will this ever be brought to attention of the usurpers in Washington DC, those power mad boys and girls of the beltway? Here is another look at the Act. Read about it and ponder the possible results.

Has Sotomayor been telling fibs? Or just outright lies? She says thing publicly for a decade or more then in her hearing for SCOTUS denies their meaning or even denies that she said them. And none of the asshats interviewing her has the stones to call her on this.

We have our "elected representatives" discussing the the Obama Care Bill. If you read it you don't have to go very far (page 16) to find that the bill outlaws private health care. Have any of the "elected representatives" read to page 16 or is it to big read in the time they have to vote on it? A while back Obammy said he would not sign a health care bill that adds to the deficit. The CBO says that the healthcare plan currently under"examination" will certainly add to the deficit. But, the Chairman says that his plan will pass this year anyway.

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