Thursday, July 23, 2009

Global warming, Soto missed 14, no insurance

Danger, Danger! The globe is warming! WTF? The end of July in Missouri is supposed to be like the gates of hell then moving into August which is like hell itself. This year we have July days in the 70's and evenings in the 60's. Hoorah! Finally global cooling! Yaaaayyyyyy! Honestly, there is a cooling trend all over the earth and several thousand scientists that say this could go on for several decades. Great! Our government, in their infinite wisdom, has already passed a global warming bill that will tax the crap out of industry and drive us po' folk into the po' house. But at least we'll be cool while we're there.


I stole this from the grouchy old cripple.


When asked about her views on self defense the wise Latina said she couldn't recall any SCOTUS cases dealing with the right to self defense. I guess she forgot about these 14 cases.

Are you like me? I mean without health insurance. I have no employer to provide or assist with insurance and with my knee condition 8 insurance companies have said I am uninsurable as a single policy holder. Take a look at this site. They are linking people up with doctors that will give you 12 visits, 20 tests and a variety of other services for under 500 dollars a year. That sure sounds like a bargain to me and there is NO government plan interfering with it.

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