Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ohio, Sarah and a new gun, spending your way out of debt

Imagine having your car searched, thrown in jail, having your car impounded, watch lies being developed about you in front of you, having your firearms confiscated and your CCW confiscated all for following the law. This is what happened to a young man in Ohio. For doing nothing wrong. What a bunch of morons. Remind me to avoid the State of Dic..Ohio.

Guess who has had another ethics complaint lodged against her. Here's a hint ...She is the Governor of Alaska. That's right! Sarah Palin. This time the alleged wrong doing is using the fund set up for her legal defense to ...pay for her legal defense! What's this make now ? 16? I guess the libs think if we watch Sarah then we won't pay attention to the sliminess of the DC action.

This past weekend I acquired a New England Firearms break action .22. For 110 bucks. Got it home and found that a scope won't fit on it without interfering with the hammer, so I put a red dot sight on it. When I can work it into my limited budget I will get a set of high rings and mount a scope on it. Right now it is minute of pop can accurate and I think with some decent glass it will be minute of squirrel accurate.

With the bailouts now totaling nearly 24 TRILLION DOLLARS and the Chairman's approval dropping like a stone, I'm predicting a one term wonder for the Kenyan Superman. Him and Joe are still confident that they can spend our way out of debt. What freaking business class did they take? Do not under any circumstances let your children attend that school. Using their reasoning of spending money you don't have to get out of debt, I think I will go out and buy a Prevost diesel bus conversion to make my house payment go away. Haw, Haw, Haw! What a bunch of f*$^%* morons.
With all the talk still saying another couple years before the job market opens up I took a little tour of the house today. Freezer? Full. Pantry? Full. Storage food? 6 months for 2. Ammo? Check. Guns? Check. Barter Items? See ammo. Kerosene? Shy. For the most part with odd jobs for me and a full time job for Cherry Pie we're OK. For the time being. I do need to step up the odd jobs.
With the tour of the house I did find a few items that need worked on but those will have to figured into the budget. The truck needs front springs and a set of lifters but those will have to wait for the bucks to accumulate. The car seems OK. The house is nearly payed off and both the vehicles and the bike are payed off. And we have ZERO credit card debt. I hope all of you are doing as well as we are in these trying times. I believe I will resume deer hunting this fall to add to the larder. We have very liberal bag limits in good ol' MO. and it is possible to legally put a few deer in the freezer. We do our own processing so there is very little cost associated with this.

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