Monday, July 6, 2009

Foreign Patrols?

We all appreciate the police patrolling our neighborhoods, right? Well, FEMA is inviting foreign troops to particicpate in a program where they patrol various US cities and states. Can you believe this? The folks in the states listed should be looking at these guys through a telescopic sight. This is like reading a disaster/doomsday novel. What other kinds of shenanigans can we expect. Is this a hint of what's to come if Barry doesn't get his way? Seriously, this needs to be stopped ASAP. Deliver verbal spankings to the politicritter of your choice.
It's things like this that keep me stocking up on all the right stuff. If you have some shooting buddies that will back you through hell or high water, start some 2-4 man action drills and get proficient at doing your own patrolling. Do you have a local militia? They offer some very good training and they offer some great services to the community. If this is your kind of thing see about joining up. Believe me, Militia is not a dirty word as some folks would have people believe. The one in this area is the Missouri 51st.

I have read that North Korea has fired off a few more missiles, these were of the SCUD type. We still hear nothing from The Great Nothing on the action of the Insane Clown. On another front, he did promise to cut one third of our nukuler stockpile while Russia has promised to move theirs around so it looks like they reduced their stockpile. While doing this Barry did call Medvedev by the name of Putin. Whoops!

Take a look at this beautiful pre-64 Winchester Model 70, the rifleman's rifle. These were some great guns. You can buy the pre-64 stain from Midway. Winchester had a specific reddish stain for this series of rifles that was very good looking.

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