Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Progress

I had a surprise visitor last yesterday.Cherry Pie came bearing gifts. A vanilla malt (my favorite) and a movie. So we kinda had an at-home date. No arguing, no insinuations just 2 people trying to patch things up.

The 94 Project is still plodding along. I get 2-3 coats of Birchwood Casey's True Oil stock finish on every day. Put a coat on, let it dry, take the shine off, put another coat on and continue until you feel you're done. I know a lot of folks poo poo this product but I have used it for years on many, many projects and have never had a problem or a complaint about the finish. I have tried their cold blue products and never had good, consistent results. So I use Brownells' Oxpho Blue both liquid and cream forms with great results. Some day I do want to try some Lin Speed stock finisher. I'm not in a rush to do so but someday I will. I'm really getting excited to see it all come together soon. I'm always amazed at the change I can make the appearance of a ratty old gun. I have taken guns that were total shit and turned them into something the owner is proud to show off. I wish all my efforts in life  were like that.


agirlandhergun said...

Yummy. Glad you had a nice evening.

Keads said...

I like Win Speed stuff myself.

Dean Carder said...

Win Speed? I'll have to check it out.