Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just A Little Prep

On today's foray to Wally World I was surprised to see, in the camping department, a pallet of survival food in square 5 gallon buckets. Price was getting close to 65 dollars. The menu was very limited. I'm sure you would get tired of rice, 2 kinds of soup, and oatmeal real quick. But, it is the first time I have seen a Wally World in the Midwest delve into the prepper scene, even in a limited way such as this.I guess the word is getting out about the need to have your family prepared for what ever may come. I have read some blogs that originate from the western and southwestern United States and it seems like this is regular item at WW's in those regions.

I suppose it would make a nice addition to your regular stored foods. I forget how many servings there are in one of the buckets but I think it was like 101 some number like that. And the square buckets stack and store nicely.

As a side note, WW was overflowing with bonafide MILFS today. Very unusual for this store. Really, I must have seen 8 or more. This town seems to have an abundance of ladies and girls in the, shall we say, the heavy zone? I don't mean overweight I mean big, really big. So today was a real shocker.

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