Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Gig Part Two

So, I headed to my brand spankin' shiny new job this evening. I've got Lynyrd Skynyrd playin', the windows are down and the truck, she is runnin' good. I pull into the parking lot of the building I'm supposed to start cleaning, shut the truck off and turn the stereo down and wait. I'm there 15 minutes early so I continue listening to the stereo. At the appointed time of 9PM I call my supervisor. She has not been told I've been hired! The cleaner I'm supposed to partner with has been diverted to another job and they don't know when she will be at my location. So we agree that I will start tomorrow night. As I arrive at home my supervisor calls me and lets me know that she has spoken with HER supervisor and they are going to pay me an hours wages for showing up. Gee thanks!
ISS Building Services...Strike One. We will see how Friday night turns out.

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