Tuesday, August 14, 2012

National Weather Service Special Ops

We have all seen the massive stockpiling of ammo by Homeland Security. Their latest purchase order will increase their ammo supply to well over a billion rounds. That's enough to shoot every man, woman and child in this country several times. Now, this morning find that it must be very dangerous to study and report on the weather.The Nation Weather Service has sent out a solicitation for 46,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammo. If you don't like the Alex Jones link, then take a look at this one from the Washington Post. Or, here's a different view of this purchase. Does the NWS have a special operations team? NWS SWAT? I get it, NWS Spec War. Why does the weather guessing arm of the government need ammo and if they are requesting the ammo they must have the guns to fire all that ammo through. Of course this falls in with all those other government departments having government approval to arm their agents. The Agricultural Department can arm their employees. Many seemingly innocuous agency are authorized to carry firearms. The Department of Education is also authorized. If those idiots can carry a gun why not put one or two of them in every school to stop the school tragedies we see all to often. Please someone explain to me why of all the agencies that are authorised to carry weapons, why do the weather guessers need to be armed? If they need to be armed, then we need to be armed. I will be taking a significant portion of my very meager income to purchase ammo. Action, reaction. Make a promise to yourself that every payday you will buy some ammo. Do it at a bricks and mortar store or buy it online, just get ammo. If it's your thing to do, load your own, buy components instead of ready to go ammo. Is the government stockpiling ammo to use against us or do they expect an invasion of this country?  Does this stockpiling ammo by the government give you the same feeling it gives me? It's not a good feeling either.


Anonymous said...

far out theory, is the current people in power getting ready to declare military law if there beloved leader looses.
Sincerely Stepinit

Dean Carder said...

Yes I've read tht the government ans military is gearing up for a November election issue.