Sunday, August 12, 2012

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

I got as good start on bluing the small parts for the 94 Project. They look GREAT! I polished everything to a 600 grit using black wet/dry automotive sandpaper. For the bluing agent I used the creme version of Brownells Oxpho Blue. I have used the liquid version many times and after using the creme, I will never use the liquid again. Smooth even coloring that looks very professional. Folks, if you ever need to touch up the blue on your gun I can wholly recommend this. If you are refinishing a gun and don't have a pro setup of tanks, burners and chemicals, this is the only way to fly, Oxpho Blue Creme! The small parts are coming out looking like black chrome. I have never achieved this kind of results, this easy with the liquid version. Get some and keep it on hand!

How does that look, eh? The time spent polishing makes a world of difference, but even the parts that have a cross hatch finish for oil bearing, look like they had a black chrome layer applied. I will do the rear site in a brushed finish and I am anxious to see how that comes out. As the cereal commercial used to say "Try it you'll like it!"

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