Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Long Arm Of The...Law?

Well the anniversay date of Ruby Ridge has come and gone. Another date to mark the transgressions of the United States against it's people. It has come to light that this incident and others of that same time were PATCON projects. This included the BIG ONE, Waco.
After shooting a 14 year old in the back, killing his dog(typical government action, killing dogs) shooting Randy in the back, killing his wife and shooting his friend in actions that were deemed illegal the prime sniper, Lon Horiuchi is still a free man. Meanwhile in a lawsuit against the US the remaining Weavers got an out of court cash settlement in the millions. It's no replacement for a murdered son, wife and friend I know but thats how it ended. Read more about it at Lew Rockwell.

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