Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Got Better

I left for work last night (yes I now have a part time job) and came home three and a half hours later to find someone in my house. As a matter of fact I found someone in my bed. She came back.

 After trying to watch that video I have to say this...Verizon, you suck. We have went through 3 or 4 Five Spots devices and are now on our first Hot Spot device. We have spent hours on the phone with your "customer service" and tech reps. We have tried every thing they have suggested.We don't even approach the advertized download speed. We spend more time waiting for things to download than we do actually watching them. Taking 20-30 minutes to download a 2-3 minute video is truly an ameteur effort. Your people have told us 4G service would be in our town in 3 months for over six months. So might I suggest that Verizon get out of the internet business and focus on telephones 'cause you suck when it comes to internet service. In closing must leave you with this, VERIZON YOU SUCK!


agirlandhergun said...

Yeah on the first. Not so much on the second.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks Girl! It's great to have her back home again.

In regards to the second...It took 10 minutes just to get the Hot Spot to connect to the computer this morning.