Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Way It Is

Things are going OK for me at this time. The part time janitoral job is working out. Working out on my knees and back that is. Easy work, but when I get home I have a pronounced stagger, slump and limp. From 3 hours of cleaning.  Cherry Pie is back where she belongs. I have another job interview for a position at a pawn shop. Second interview for a minimum wage job. What have we come to? How many interviews would I have to have to do what I've done in the past? Five? Six? If  it takes two or more to stand at a counter and look up costs of various items what would it take to run a 10 meeeelion doooollllar job now? by the way in 2007 it took ONE interview for that.

On a more somber note take a trip over to Kenny's place and give him your exression of sorrow and support. His father has passed.

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