Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Little Trade For Tat, Tattoo That is

Doing some bartering had left me with several guitars. I don't play but they are easy to sell or trade. I recently traded some guitars for this tattoo work.

And damn it, I mean it too.
The Republicans are talking like they mean it. Their platforms includes resisting any UN mandates for small arms controls like the one this current government has rolled over for. It also includes a national reciprocity for concealed carry. They aught to read the governmental guide book (the Constitution) and demand that all States recognise and and enforce the right to open carry, the right to have uninfringed access to short barreled shotguns and rifles, machine guns and those things that fall under the Any Other Weapon (AOW) category. As a matter of fact they should recognise all things that a modern infantry soldier has and need for.


Stephen said...

I like the repubs current platform too. Now let's hope they live up to it. Nice tat...

agirlandhergun said...