Monday, August 13, 2012

More Parts

I took another handful of small parts to my bench and blued them this afternoon. Using the same exact process I did not get similiar results at first. It took 4 coats to achieve what yesterdays efforts did in 2 coats. I dunno, I can see the bolt being made of sterner stuff but the magazine plug and follower and the rear site, I can't see being made of something that is blue resisitant. I'm not knocking the Oxpho Blue creme, I just had different results today for some reason. It is cooler today and looks like rain so maybe that has something to do with it. I'll see what they look like in a couple of days and make a decision whether to apply more blueing agent. Still, everything is looking good.
I hope the big part, the barreled receiver, comes out as nice as the first batch of small parts.
All internal parts will just get cleaned and oiled unless they are really visible from the top of the open action. Well, I gotta get busy cleaning house as I have an evening interview and have to start my new cleaning gig on my own tonight.

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