Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm A Gun Slinger....Kinda

One of my duties at the new gig at the pawnshop is, I get to sell ......GUNS! The display case had a Thompson that had been retrofitted with a bushingless barrel and a stainless beaver tail grip safety. It's been a case queen for 6 months. I sold it in two days!  Yay for me! On the down side I was showing a gentleman moron a nice Richland over and under 20 gauge. While he was looking at that I started showing another actual gentleman a handgun. I turned my head to check on the shotgun wielder only to find my head covered by the twin bores of the double. I raised my left arm and deflected the gun, informed him that was the only free one he got. He wanted to know what I meant and I told him to think about on his way out the door. Bubye! That's the problem with dealing with the public, the yabo's ya gotta deal with. But on the upside I do like working there. Did I tell ya I get to sell GUNS?

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