Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Social Insecurity Administration

After yesterdays reveal of NOAA ordering a shit pot full of ammo we now find those wastrels of the Social Security Administration have ordered 174,000 rounds of .357 SIG. The first question that comes to my mind is what departments arm their guards, minions, secret agents, private armies or what ever you want to call them , with .357 SIG?  This ammo is going to be shipped to 41 locations. I know that some of their offices are using armed guards now. But, 175,000 rounds of .357SIG? That has to be the biggest purchase of that caliber since it's inception. It will be shipped to 41 locations with each beneficiary of this purchase receiving over 4200 rounds. Looking at it from that perspective it doesn't sound to bad. If the Government was paying for my training ammo I'd have no problem using that amount in a week or two. The issue I have is the suddenness of the massive orders for ammo coming from various branches of the Government. I would like to see the line item in their budgets for these purchases. Until I see that, I will continue to believe that the stockpiles are emergency orders in preparation for use against us.

I keep hearing and reading about supposed massive changes in our country in October/November. riots, anarchy, voter fraud, martial law, foreign invasion? I haven't found the particulars but I'd lay my money on the 2012 Election. Will it be rife with fraud, Black Panthers guarding the polls with billy clubs again, resulting an skirmish as some of those locations. Will the election be a sham and the people rise up and cry NO MORE! It stops now. Will that be the trigger for a armed rebellion? Who knows but I think the hater/clingers, the pissed off gun owners, the constitutionalists, the Tea Partiers, and various private, shall we say, hobbyists are cocked and loaded with rebellion just one action away. Is there something the .gov knows and are preparing for? Make up your own minds in this matter. 

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