Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hell In A Hand Basket

I've went from having no job to having two jobs. I have a night time janitoral job and today I start my daytime job at A+ Pawn. Yep I'm working in a pawn shop.
   I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to keep the cleaning job.I like  it and it seems like easy enough work but, I'm on my feet and moving at a high rate of speed for three hours every night and that is taking a toll on my junk knees and back. As the week progresses my pain gets worse. I'm to the point that I'm taking three times the prescribed pain medication dosage. I don't know what I would do if we had to bug out and eventually ended up on foot or had to do a lot of physical activity. I mean if cleaning is doing this to me what would a full day of strenuous activity do to me? Forgive me for venting but with the new rules in the house, I've gotta vent somewhere.

With the night job and the daily coma I haven't been reading much on the Internet. What I do see is not good for any of us. For example,  A judge has ruled that your 401k might be yours, you have no rights to it and may or may not get your money back. I read about a couple that is in deep water because they let their children play outside.  A man with a program on Blog Talk radio had a so called friend call report him to the police because of some of his anti government comments so the thought police showed up took him away and had him psychologically evaluated. And we know how that works out. He espouses anti government comments, he's a christian, he owns guns and he had a phyc evaluation You know where this one is going, don't ya? I see that a Marine is facing time for his facebook comments concerning 9/11. And that my friends, is a small portion of the stories that can be found that chronicle our slippery slope journey to being ruled by tyrannical government.
 This country, in case you haven't noticed, is going to hell in a hand basket. And doing it in an expeditious manner to boot. I know this is a link fest but that's what I've got so suck it up. Do you see the common denominator in all those stories? They are all stories of people being arrested for doing things we all do. They are all things that strip away our rights at an ever increasing speed.
I think Kerodin has it right. Move to a state that has openly declared their states rights, start a business and then start a community filled with like minded folks and build a wall around that community. Live like a free man should, do what he wants, when he want as long as it cases no harm to another.

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dakotas5 said...

Brock has a link. A judge just ordered Brandon Raub released.